5 Ways Restaurants Can Use Custom Vinyl Graphics For Holiday Decorations

Attracting customers to your restaurant can be done in a variety of ways, including direct advertising on your restaurant window. When using vinyl window stickers, you can easily apply decorations and remove them for different seasonal occasions. As you plan your restaurant decorations for the holidays, there are five different custom designs you can use to help promote your restaurant and celebrate days like Thanksgiving and Christmas. Not only are these vinyl graphics great for the holiday season, but you can reuse a number of the decorations for future years.

Restaurant Logo

Display your restaurant logo in a whole new way by infusing a little holiday design into the letters and features. By using holiday symbols, you can showcase your restaurant name and a little holiday spirit. Browse through the following letters to see how they can be replaced with various symbols. When choosing the design, stick to one or two letter replacements so that the logo is still easy to read. A number of free symbols are available for downloading and using at a restaurant.

  • A: The "A" in your restaurant name can be replaced with symbols like a Christmas tree or Santa hat. Anything that has a point on it can substitute well for this letter.
  • O: Christmas bells, wreaths, turkeys, and ornaments are all round shapes that can easily replace an "O." If your restaurant sells a lot of desserts, then consider using holiday pies or cookies for the letter replacement.
  • J & L: Long letters like "J" and "L" can be replaced with symbols like a candy cane, Christmas stocking, or holiday candle.

Play around with your logo to see how different symbols can fit inside.

Gift Card Promotions

The holiday season is a great time to promote gift card sales for your restaurant. To showcase the availability of gift cards, you can use vinyl graphics in your window. By mixing gift cards with holiday traditions, it can create an appealing design for customers.

For example, you can feature stocking decals with your restaurant gift card sticking out of the top. Another design idea is an open Christmas present with gift cards sticking out of the top. A third design idea is to feature a large Christmas tree with restaurant gift cards hanging in various places. Instead of overloading your windows, choose one of the designs to keep it as simple as possible.

Holiday Food Specials

Customers love to be enticed by the food offered at your restaurant. Instead of leaving it up to the menu, you can feature holiday specials directly on your windows. With custom-cut vinyl decals, your windows can feature large-sized images of the meal options. For example, if you feature a prime-rib dinner special around the holidays, you can showcase a large decal that features the prime rib, a baked potato, and other sides on a plate.

The same can be done for any Thanksgiving dinner promotions that your restaurant is running.

Corner Window Sides

Add a subtle holiday approach with some corner window designs. If you do not want to obscure the view inside your restaurant, then corner window designs are ideal for adding the holiday touch while drawing views to the center of your restaurant. For the holiday season, you can choose from a number of different holiday designs like snowflakes, flying reindeer, candles, or fake snow that appears to have collected in corners.

Holiday Characters

Add some whimsical fun to your restaurant by using holiday character designs. The holiday characters can draw familiarity with potential customers and create a great tie-in with your restaurant. For example, you can feature Santa Claus doing a number of different things on the window decals. This includes eating a meal, carrying a take-out bag, or promoting one of the delicious desserts.

To help promote any cold or frozen treats, you can feature a holiday snowman holding the snack. Other holiday characters you can use includes elves, reindeer, and cartoon turkeys. Come up with creative ways they can tie into your restaurant.

Work with a vinyl decal company to ensure that the graphics represent your vision. They should be ordered at least a month in advance to ensure they are printed and delivered on time.