How to Decide What Size Truck to Rent When Moving across the Country

Moving trucks are designed to hold a certain amount of items, typically measured in cubic feet. They come in a variety of sizes, many of which can be driven without a special driver's license. Larger trucks require more fuel to operate and pose the risk of allowing your belongings to shift around during your move, so it is important to rent a moving truck that isn't larger than what you need. Read More 

How To Test And Replace The Thermocouple On Your Home’s Furnace

If the pilot light on your gas-fueled home furnace won't stay lit, then it is likely the thermocouple has failed. Fortunately, testing the thermocouple is easy, and if it is necessary to replace it, the cost for a new thermocouple is often less than ten dollars. Below is more information on what thermocouples do, how you can test your thermocouple for proper functioning and install a new one, if necessary: Read More 

4 Reasons To Install A Pond Instead Of A Pool

Before you call your local pool company to have a generic cement pool installed in your back yard, stop and think about how much nicer it might be to have a pond instead. Artificial ponds can bear a close resemblance to natural ones, complete with floating plants to help oxygenate the water and regulate the chemical balance. Here are four reasons to give this eco-friendly alternative some serious thought. 1. Natural Landscaping Enhancement Read More 

5 Tips for Creating Retro-themed Diner Menus

Diners have been around for numerous decades and customers love the retro appeal that comes with eating at them. If you own a retro-themed diner, one of the key parts of the classic experience is the menu. This is one of the first things that customers look over and it can really set the mood and tone for the rest of the meal. As you plan your own custom menu printing, there are five design tips you should follow for the best themes and results. Read More 

Keep Your Career Counseling Company Safe With Paper Shredding

Career counseling services aren't typically considered to be financial institutions. After all, they provide career advice -- not investment advice. Several career counseling companies are considered financial institutions, though, by the Gramm-Leach-Bliley (GLB) Act, and they must meet the act's requirements to protect client's information. If you have a business that provides career counseling services, keep both your clients and your company safe by hiring a paper shredding service to destroy sensitive documents. Read More