4 Tips for Choosing Supportive, Ergonomic Office Chairs

When you work at a job that requires hours of desk work every day, your office furniture choices are paramount. Sitting for extended periods can be rough on your body, especially if your office chairs aren't ergonomically sound. Luckily, you don't have to spend thousands to equip your company office with safe and ergonomic furniture. Here's a look at some of the things that you need to know to choose ergonomic furniture for your office that's affordable and comfortable.

Flexible, Easily Adjustable Seat

The height of your chair is essential to your comfort at your desk. Look for an office chair that's adjustable, that way you can position it as you need it. The goal is to have your feet planted so that they are flat while your thighs rest comfortably on the chair and are parallel to the floor. This position supports your lower body so that your arms are able to sit level with the desk. This makes it easier to reach the keyboard comfortably so that you aren't straining your wrists.

Soft, Cushioned Body Support

Hard, uncomfortable chairs aren't going to support your body or your tailbone well. Chairs without sufficient padding and cushion are going to strain your tailbone, radiating pain into your lower back. Look for a chair that is well cushioned and stable enough to support your tailbone, lower back and hips. This will ease the risk of compression on your spine, allowing you to sit comfortably.

Adjustable, Supportive Arm Rests

Arm rests are easy to dismiss as inconsequential when you're shopping for office furniture. The truth is, they can be much more important than you might otherwise think. Arm rests contribute significant support to your shoulders, elbows and neck.

Your chair should have adjustable, stable arm rests that will support your arms easily. You'll want the arm rests positioned so that they are at the right height to hold our arms with ease when you're not typing. You should be able to relax your shoulders and keep your elbows bent lightly.

Sturdy, Straight Back Rests

Your chair's back rest is vital for your spinal support. Look for an office chair that has a strong back rest that's adjustable and strong. The adjustable support is important, because it lets you put the back support where you need it most. With an adjustable back, the chair will easily fit any body shape. That way, you don't need to spend thousands on a custom-designed chair.

Look for a chair that includes a tilt lever for lumbar support. Tilting that lever forward slightly lets you keep your back straight. It prevents you from slouching, which can protect you from serious postural issues and long-term back problems.

The lumbar support helps to support the natural curve that your back has. By investing in a chair with the lumbar support, you'll be able to even adjust the lumbar support so that it's right where you need it. If you find a chair that's perfect aside from the lumbar support, that's okay. Just roll up a towel and strap it to the back of the chair. That keeps you from sacrificing the support and potentially suffering from a condition like postural kyphosis.

Ergonomics are essential for office furniture, particularly when it comes to the chair you sit in. With the information presented here, you're in a better position to choose an office chair that will protect your body. Talk to an office furniture supplier like D & R Office Works Inc. about what you are looking for in your chair so that you can find something that not only works for you but meets your company's budget as well.