3 Reasons To Invest In Fire Sprinklers For Your Small Business

Cutting costs is an important part of keeping any small business profitable. While you may be tempted to overlook the installation of fire sprinklers inside your office building in an attempt to keep overhead costs low, this decision could end up costing you a lot more if a fire breaks out in the future.

Here are three reasons why you need to invest in fire sprinklers for your small business in the immediate future.

1. Fire sprinklers contain flames quick.

When a fire breaks out, you want to ensure that it is contained as quickly as possible. In order to contain a fire without a fire sprinkler system, someone must first notice the flames and then contact your local fire department.

Although emergency personnel will respond as fast as they can, precious time is still lost between the moment the fire breaks out and the moment firefighters arrive to battle the flames. With a fire sprinkler system, water is dispensed as soon as the first sign of a fire is detected. This allows you to contain fires within your office space quickly and reduce the amount of damage they cause.

2. Fire sprinklers can make your business more sustainable.

If caring for the environment is a concern for your small business, the installation of a fire sprinkler system can be a great way to ensure your office space is as sustainable as possible. In the event that a fire breaks out, damage will be caused to the structure of your building. This means that drywall, fixtures, and furniture damaged by flame or smoke must be thrown out into a landfill.

Fires are also made of gases like carbon dioxide and nitrogen. As a fire burns, these gases are released into the atmosphere and can contribute to pollution levels. Installing a fire sprinkler system will make your business more sustainable by reducing the amount of debris and gas created during a fire because these systems put out flames fast.

3. Fire sprinklers minimize water damage.

Although some people think that the activation of a fire sprinkler system will result in a significant amount of water damage to their building and equipment, this is not true. Modern fire sprinkler systems have the ability to activate only one or two sprinkler heads in the area where a fire is detected. This means that only the area engulfed by flames will be doused with water.

Additionally, fire sprinklers only produce between 8 and 24 gallons of water per minute. When compared with the 50 to 125 gallons per minute produced by a firehose, it's easy to see that the installation of a fire sprinkler system will minimize the water damage associated with putting out any fires in your office space.

Take advantage of the security and benefits a fire sprinkler system can provide by installing fire sprinklers, such as from Tri County Fire Protection, in your small business.